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OS EC Ltd. / ООО ОК "Оксфордстайл"

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General English (Общий английский)
Intensive English (Интенсивный курс)
IELTS Examination Preparation (Подготовка к экзамену IELTS)
English for Business Success (Курс делового английского языка)


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Летний лагерь Oxford House College в Оксфорде
Oxford House College

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Oxford House College – three educational centers in famous historic cities of Great Britain

Oxford House College is an ideal place for learning. Founded in 1974, Oxford House College meets the highest standards of professional training at the University of Oxford. Now Oxford House College is one of the most popular English language colleges in Britain. Courses at Oxford House College are available all the year round.

We believe that learning English should be easy, captivating and useful. We strive to help our students to achieve goals and dreams in their life.

A list of available programmes

  1. General English is meant for the development of skills in speaking and writing, listening comprehension.
  2. Intensive English
  3. IELTS Examination Preparation prepares you for entrance exams and further education in higher education institutions of Great Britain.
  4. English for Business Success prepares you for carrying out negotiations and business correspondence, free communication in the business world.

Educational buildings are located in the heart of London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and meet the highest British standards. There is everything you need here: light spacious classrooms, an excellent library, computer classrooms with free Internet access and a modern student café.

Выпускники Oxford House College are among the most qualified experts, learning here is pleasant and useful in every respect.

Tuition fees (in GBP):

Programmes Time of classes Number of hours per week 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
General English 9:00am-12:00pm 15 135 270 405
Intensive English 9:00am -3:30pm 30 235 470 705
IELTS Examination Preparation 9:00am-12:00pm 15 145 290 435
English for Business Success 12:30pm-3:30pm 15 145 290 435

• Individual lessons at the student’s choice: £55 per hour.

The price includes: learning, placement testing, certificate of course completion.

Additional payments:

  • Accommodation (family, for 1 person) 160-200 GBP per week
  • Consular fee of the British Embassy 95 GBP
  • Transfer from/to the airport 100 GBP
  • Health insurance 20 GBP
  • Air travel 20 000 rubles

Services of OSEC Group Company 9000 rubles

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London is rightfully considered to be not only the capital of the United Kingdom, but also one of the political, economic and cultural capitals of the world. London is attractive due to its history, the richest museum collections, royal palaces and parks. Just walking around the city, you will feel how a centuries-old history comes to life, you will also see magnificent ceremonies of the Royal Guard, the most interesting historic buildings and many other things. It is an incredible mixture of styles and epochs. Today, London is a large international centre, and of course London can be literally called the student capital of Europe, here one can find one of the highest quality education.

Oxford is a city in Great Britain, the capital of the county of Oxfordshire. It is famous all over the world for its oldest higher education institution – the University of Oxford. Oxford is a heavenly place with a rich history and culture, strengthened by deep national traditions. For more than 800 years it was home for members of the royal family and scientists. Nowadays Oxford is a bit fussy, cosmopolitan city, an amazing mixture of antiquity and modernity, attracting both tourists and students from many countries.

Stratford is located on the western bank of the River Avon – it is one of the most famous towns of England, small and cozy, with ancient architecture and quiet alleys, not affected by time.